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IT Services

Create awasome stuff

We offer a whole range of IT services from design to development and support.  We deliver Custom Apps, Web Apps, Mobile Apps and cloud solutions to help grow your ideas into reality. We strongly believe that every business has the potential to grow big, all you need is right people and an open mind! We love doing what we do, and we are really good at it.

Medical Transcription

Save your time and optimize your workflow

Reliable and efficient transcription service tailored to the needs of medical professionals.  We provide complete IT solutions to organise transcription workflow, with voice recognition tools and manual transcription services support. 
We help clients with all of their transcription needs, from complex legal reports, radiology reports to straight dictation of referral letters.

Training & consulting

Project management, IT, Radiology & Medicine

Our IT professionals provide expertise, advice, and support in a field of IT development and project management.  Our Medical Experts offer professional training and consultation with a focus on diagnostic imaging and business process management in medicine.  We organise workshops and can visit customers and provide hands-on training in their local environment.